• Rocker: Moderate
  • Rail Profile: Sharp Boxed
  • Tail Profile: Wide Squash
  • Nose Profile: Blunt
  • Rider Profile: Beginner to Advanced
  • Includes: EVA Traction and F4 Thermotec and Nubster Quad Fin



The Voodoo will cast spells on the new Soulcraft rider! It's known to be super fast with tons of stability and pop off the wake for riders that like to mash the gas. The sharp down rail generates speed in the wave by just leaning or pump driving the rail. Combine the deep concave deck for foot attachment during airs and a wider tail to aid in recovery from way back in the wave and you'll unlock the magic many riders have come to love from the Voodoo. 

We often will recommend beginners to ride the Voodoo as a Quad fin configuration with a V2 foiled fin and nubster. Advanced riders routinely switch to a Twin fin configuration using the Futures Fins John John Florence Techflex SM, P4 or P6 Legacy fins.

Super AV


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