Nothing beats the feel of traditional Surf wax but wakesurfers are hard on wax and it can become a hassle to constantly maintain your wax.  WAXTRAK solves this by guiding your wax into the perfect pattern and hold up better and allow you to focus on your riding.  Once you are ready for fresh wax just peel off WAXTRAK and start fresh.


  • 1 main trak (27" x 16")
  • WILD and FREE pattern includes additional nose piece 




  • Saves time stripping and applying wax. More time in the water!
  • Optimizes your wax into a pattern for optimal traction.
  • Keeps your wax looking good. No smudging or smeared wax.
  • Long-lasting. When applied properly, it can stay on for months.
  • Perforated to prevent air bubbles from getting trapped.
  • 100% recyclable and biodegradable


WAXTRAK - Perfect Wax without the hassle


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