What is a no coast surfer

What is a no coast surfer

While wakesurfing is our focus, the concept for No Coast Surfers is much broader. No Coast Surfing is about not accepting limits, having the drive to make the impossible possible, and making the most of every moment. When we say “We are No Coast Surfers” we are not talking about ourselves. YOU are included in that statement. It is meant to be inclusive of the entire community of No Coat Surfers. If you surf snow, concrete, behind a boat, or are just pushing your own limits in whatever you do, in our eyes you are a no coast surfer.

As No Coast Surfers, we all share a dedication to our sport and put in a painstaking amount of time and effort that is completely unseen to outsiders. Throwing pumps over the side for that perfect ballast setup, dealing with boat malfunctions, bent props, getting out early to find good water, keeping a level head while witnessing the circus at the boat ramp, or in our case spending hours packing the perfect diaper bag/lunch/activities to keep the little ones busy, are all the things we work through just to be able to begin practicing our sport.

How do we apply this to NoCoastSurfers.com? We start by hand-selecting everything we stock to be of high quality and high performance; that without question, will not hold you back. This applies to everything from t-shirts to wakesurf boards, all items are personally vetted and quality checked by us. Additionally, we want to help take the guesswork out of purchases by offering one-on-one support to anyone who requests it through our personalized gear recommendation form on our site and in-person demo events throughout the midwest. We are here to help you take your riding to the next level.

We(and you) Are No Coast Surfers

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