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Futures Solus - Medium - Rake Template

Futures Solus - Medium - Rake Template

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What we say:

"A longer rake fin for powerful or larger riders. Adds great responsiveness and pump-driven speed. Additional cant gives it a different feel as you climb the wave. If you ride a big wave with powerful style give this fin a shot "

What Futures says:

The Solus is a medium sized thruster in the Rake template category. It's a unique set featuring texalium, carbon and honeycomb materials with Futures’ V-Foil, giving this set a responsive flex pattern ideal for generating maximum speed in smaller waves. The Solus has increased tow and cant angles to give extra lift, providing fluid rail-to-rail transitions and seamless re-direction.

  • Template Category | Rake (drawn-out/drive)
  • Construction | Honeycomb w/ carbon and texalium
  • Ride Number | Speed Generating – 8.5


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