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Futures Fins

Futures Stretch Quad Fins - New Color for 2024

Futures Stretch Quad Fins - New Color for 2024

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What we say:

"We love pairing these with a fast board and a rider who likes speed but wants good release for rotational tricks. The wide base and speed-generating inside foil give you drive while the upright profile and clipped tips release well for spins. They come as a quad set but only the twin setup is used in wakesurfing. Fins with the big "stretch" text in the forward slots are the ones you use."

What Futures says:

The Stretch Quad, designed by Santa Cruz, Ca shaper William Riedel of Stretch Surfboards, is the performance quad that all other sets measure up to. The honeycomb construction combined with Stretch’s concave foil on the front fins and symmetrical foil on the rear fins create a unique feeling of traction and maneuverability, ideal for building speed. Both front and rear templates feature Stretch's signature beak-tip template to provide ultimate four fin performance.

Template Category | Pivot (tight-turns, loose)

Construction | Honeycomb

Ride Number | Balanced – 8.9


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