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What we say:

"A favorite board of many riders the Honu offers easy speed without sacrificing a lot of maneuverability. Good release and the ability to boost off the lip make the Honu capable of an advanced level of riding on all wave types."

What Soulcraft says:

The Honu incorporates a hard/sharp rail to build speed fast and also allow speed generation by pumping driving off the tail. The wide thumb/round tail design aids easy release on 360’s quick reaction to changing direction while improving recovery from the back of the wake with more volume. Adjusted nose rocker, a fuller nose and a highly developed base concave help set the Honu apart from earlier versions to improve its’ speed and buoyancy to nail big airs.


Soulcraft Stock Front and Rear traction

Soulcraft Podium honeycomb fiberglass Fins


4’4” - 140 - 175 LBS.
4’6" - 165 - 200 LBS.
4’8" - 200 - 235 LBS.
4’10” - 235 - 255 LBS.

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