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What we say:

"The VooDoo RPM is our go-to high-performance "go big or go home" board. Ridden with power this board provides a fast ride with good release. It's fast enough to allow beginners to easily progress but is a very capable of pro level podium topping performance"

What Soulcraft says:

The Voodoo RPM was designed with one single goal in mind -- MASH THE GAS and unleash a high octane version of our original Voodoo shape. The RPM departs from the original Voodoo however with a laid out rocker line blending to a slight nose flip the most powerful riders. More speed, more power, more snap and more release - The Voodoo RPM is staged and ready to light em up!

R-Series boards stand alone with performance focused deck concaves, proprietary Carbon Fiber/Flax reinforcements to harness energy and flex for maximum responsiveness through the fins.


  • Soulcraft Stock Front and Rear traction
  • Soulcraft Ultra Carbon Fins


4’3” - 120 - 150 LBS.
4’5” - 150 - 180 LBS.
4’7" - 170 - 210 LBS.
4’9” - 200 - 240 LBS.

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