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Soulcraft Boarding

SuperFang R-Series

SuperFang R-Series

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What we say:

"The Superfang is an advanced level board for that rider that wants a fast pump driven board with a great speed, good release and a bit of control"

What Soulcraft says:

The SuperFang blends the best aspects of the JS Pro, Secret Weapon and SuperFly into one highly advanced design using ultra premium R-Series carbon fiber, basalt and flax materials. We tuned the SuperFang-R to reduce grip, increase speed and promote quicker release... offering a looser lock on the wave with the baby fang tail design, a mid-size blunt nose volume and topped with our latest deck concave

R-Series boards stand alone with performance focused deck concaves, proprietary Carbon Fiber/Flax reinforcements to harness energy and flex for maximum responsiveness through the fins.


4’3” - 115 - 140 LBS.
4’5” - 140 - 175 LBS.
4’7” - 165 - 200 LBS.
4’9” - 200 - 235 LBS.

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